Care for Catania Sicily Expansion Proposal FAQ

Thanks for pursuing more information on my proposal to expand the work of Care for Catania into new cities in Sicily. I’m grateful for your interest.


  1. Can you give me a little background on this effort?
    1. Sure. Beginning in fall of 2014, a group of like-minded believers saw an opportunity for both compassion and connection in the massive migration to Europe. Some of us are mobilizing in the US and some are moving to Sicily to do the work of discipleship. Our vision is to catalyze discipleship multiplication movements among Muslims groups in Sicily.

  2. Who’s behind this? What org?
    1. We are multi-organizational rallying around a common vision. I am on staff as a mobilizer, speaking and writing, with Frontiers. The rest of the team have a variety of organizational and church oversight.
  3. How’s it going so far?
    1. Great question with a number of generally positive answers. We’ve fielded around a dozen short term teams who’ve connected with hundreds of migrants from one-off conversations all the way to ongoing Bible studies. We’ve seen four guys get baptized. Our long-term staff is now at three families with the fourth arriving late 2017 and the fifth planning on mid-year 2018. Our relationships with local Italian believers are growing and we’re seeing them step into the work. One beautiful example is an Italian woman who began translating for our team leader and now is leading Discovery Bible studies with French speaking immigrants. We also have a number of significant partnerships developing with U.S. churches.

      But. . . we’re not where we think God wants us to be. We’ve yet to see believers from Muslim backgrounds lead their friends to Jesus. We’re praying hard for such multiplication.