UrbanEthno Scavenger Hunt

Cultivate curiosity by diving into a diverse, migrant-dense part of your city or one nearby. With some pals, competing teams if you have enough people, see how many of the questions below you can find answers for. Document as many answers as appropriate with photographs. Reconnect after a set time to tally up the points!

  1. Make a list of countries represented by restaurants.
  2. Make a list of languages spoken.
  3. Learn how to say three words in a language that’s new for you.
  4. Have a nonnative English speaker write your name in their mother tongue.
  5. Visit an ethnic grocery. Take a picture of something you’d never see at Walmart!
  6. Meet an immigrant who’s been here less than a year. Ask them to tell you the story of how they got here.
  7. Try a new snack. List the name and give a brief description. (If it’s really good and you bring some back for the rest of the group, you’ll probably win!)
  8. List three areas of your city with concentrations of people from other continents.
  9. About how much does it cost to take the bus from there to here?
  10. List three jobs that people can get right after they arrive.
  11. Visit a mosque. You get bonus points for going inside.
  12. Find an ethnic church or one obviously catering to immigrants.
  13. Find the location of a cultural association or an organization designed to help migrants.
  14. Find the date and location for an upcoming cultural celebration or holiday.
  15. Bring back artifacts representing two distinct nationalities. (Best not to spend money for these. If you have to, keep it less than $2/artifact.)

Bonus Challenge: If you make solid plans (day/time/place) to reconnect with someone you just met to learn more about them and/or look at an event from Jesus’s life, give yourself 20 bonus points!