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Ten Things Christians Can Learn from Muslims

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We have heavy stuff coming up in Muslim Connect in the weeks ahead, like looking at the Hajj and understanding Sharia. So I thought we’d lighten up this week with a tongue-in-cheek look at what Christians can learn from Muslims. I firmly believe that both Christians and Muslims can learn from each other, but this list is for fun! (And we’ll look at what Muslims can learn from Christians in a later week!)

  1. How to pray closer to “without ceasing.”
    Five. Times. A. Day! If you’re doing it for real, you stop what you’re doing and go someplace to pray. Say what you will, but that’s dedication.
  2. How to wash up for prayer.
    Oh, and there’s the clean up ahead of prayer. Christians can waltz straight from the potty to the pew!
  3. Where to find the best shawarma.
    OK, shawarma is not technically Muslim. But it is part of a suite of food, including baklava and falafel, that makes me sigh, “Alhamdulillah.”

  4. How to fast for a whole month!
    Is it easier to fast for a month if you eat a lot at night? Maybe it makes it harder. I don’t know, but I have heard that Ramadan is like Black Friday for Muslim grocers!

  5. How to dress modestly!
    Head to head, a salwar chemise beats a denim jumper any day!

  6. How to name your kids after your main guy.
    Muhammad may be the most popular name on the planet! At the same time, fewer Hispanics are naming their boys Jesus and American Christians almost never do! Want to join me in pressuring our kids to call any male grandchildren Jesus!

  7. How to enjoy life without bacon.
    Is this even possible? The thought makes me wonder two things: Have we underplayed the conversion possibilities of bacon? You know, “Become a Christian and enjoy all the bacon you want!”

  8. How to convert music stars to your faith.
    If I had a dollar for every time a Muslim has proudly told me, “Your Cat Stevens. . .he is Muslim now,” I’d buy a ticket on the peace train.

  9. Memorizing the holy book.
    Granted the Quran only really counts if its in Arabic and most Muslims don’t speak Arabic, but it sure wouldn’t kill me to edge toward “memorizing scripture like a Muslim!”

  10. How to hold big, religious festivals.
    In 2012, more than three million people showed up in Mecca for Hajj! That’s the population of Utah! (Which is home to a lot of people who know a thing or two about religious treks!)

    Next week we’ll take a more sober look at the Hajj, the reasons behind it, the effects Muslims seek and how we might pray for them during this time. 

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