Worst-Case Scenario: Muslims!

Authors David Borgenicht and Joshua Piven did readers (and their bank accounts!) a great service when they launched The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook series. For me it’s a scary sort of fun to imagine landing a plane or fighting off a shark, mostly because I realize the odds of such are almost infinitesimally small. 

Sometimes, and for some of us, it’s all of the scary and none of the fun. This makes me wonder what our collective worst-case scenarios are when we think about Muslims and global Islamic dynamics.

In the interest of bringing dark, scary stuff into the light (where it sometimes curls up and dies), here are some possibilities that may be swirling around in the corporate murk and in your own mind:

•  Western culture becomes increasingly secular, increasingly lacking a moral compass and opens the door for Islam to become the dominant religion.

•  Islamic regimes gain control in more and more countries and systematically eradicate Christian minorities.

•  Muslims grow in the U.S., band together and elect a Muslim president.

•  It turns out Islam is right about God after all.

•  Sharia comes to your town and your daughter wears a hijab to school.

What others am I overlooking? Can you take a moment and honestly share in the comments?

What does the Bible say either in prophecy or principle about these worst-case scenarios? What responses on our part are most biblical, healthy and helpful?

Three things hold my head together:

  1. God wins. Probably not exactly the way I currently understand God and winning, but God will win. And you and I are invited to hasten that victory.
  2. Math is our friend. Check this “Muslim as U.S. president” equation.
  3. Some of my Christian sisters and brothers (Muslims as well. . .) are living their worst-case scenarios today. I should pray for them.


Special Note: My second article on the Dennison Forum went live yesterday. I’d be so grateful if you could take a moment and skim over “Six Things Christians Tend to Get Wrong about Muslims.” If you go above and beyond and leave a comment, well, I’d be so happy I’ll buy you a popsicle the next time we’re together!

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