speaking info

Three things inform and motivate my speaking: A passion to see God glorified and see his kingdom come! A desire to relate to my audience and speak to them with empathy and humor. And finally, a commitment to provide practical next steps that will help listeners engage in God’s purposes for the world.

Topics and venues

Perspectives classes: I speak at a ton of Perspectives classes. If you’re setting up a class, I’d love to talk to you about teaching one of the lessons. I’ve done them all, but prefer Lesson One, Lesson Fifteen, then 2-5, the culture lessons, and if you’re really desperate: a history lesson!

Churches: I love to speak to churches, welcoming a chance to relate to people who sometimes wonder what in the world is going on. There is good news afoot that often goes un-noticed. I relish the opportunity to shine some fresh light on the planet.

Possible Preaching Topics: I focus on applying Jesus’s teaching to our everyday life, particularly as it connects with outsiders, Muslims and marginalized people. I can speak about the refugee situation, the tendency of God to use normal people in extraordinary work and the guiding motivation of God’s glory and hope for his Kingdom.

Bridges Seminars: This one day workshop gives info on the basics of Islam and focuses on how normal believers can relate to Muslims in helpful ways. Find more details here.

DELVE cultural learning workshop: This two to four day workshop equips participants to dive into their city to discover, describe and develop relationships with the variety of people living there.

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