The 5 Types of Muslim Connectors

Occasionally it dawns on me that God uses all types of people in all types of ways to accomplish his purposes and keep his promises. You’ve probably integrated this, but I need ongoing reminders that it’s not “my way or the highway.” God actually gets stuff done with methods and people I’d never expect, ones I’d either overlook or judge unfit.

I think we fall into five basic types regarding our approach to connecting with Muslims. God meets us where we are and uses each of these types.

Fight me!
Aggressive, truth-oriented polemicists argue with Muslims, pointing out errors in the Quran and Islam. Jay Smith may be the best current example of this approach. Sign up for Crescent Project’s free online Hope Conference to hear him live next week.

Results: Big wins, but beatings and extensive backlash.

Cut to the Chase
I have a friend who told me, “I’ve made a decision that whenever I meet someone, within the first five minutes of interaction, I’m going to tell them about my relationship with Jesus.”

Results: Helps find “persons of peace,” can build a “project-over-people” mentality, may take you to #1 against your desires.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me
Some of us (like me) want to find and befriend every Muslim they can, assuming we’ll get to the Jesus stuff at some point down the road.

Results: You express God’s delight in every person, but you may never actually get to the Jesus stuff.

If It Falls in My Lap
If a Muslim quotes the Philippian Jailer and asks what they must do to be saved (Or otherwise, speaks up!), we’ll respond, but the onus is on the Muslim. Well, once we’ve gotten ourself in chains and God’s sent an earthquake!

Results: God drops someone in your lap! Otherwise some great, maybe life changing, conversations are missed.

Not Gonna Happen, My Friend
When this type sees a Muslim, they pray, but only as they walk away. The thought of engagement is too much, so they leave things in God’s hands.

Results: God’s hands are pretty able, so stuff happens. Sadly great faith opportunities are missed.

Please take eight seconds to click the type that looks most like you. Thank you.

Fight me!
Cut to the chase
You’ve Got a Friend in Me
If It Falls in My Lap
Not Gonna Happen, My Friend
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