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What Would You Give Your Church?

You know what I find unsettling? Pastors who lift. I’m more comfortable with a cushiony guy who regularly takes seconds on sausage gravy and biscuits at Men’s Breakfast.

Most pastors are (presumably) very spiritual and likely pretty smart. If they’re also ripped, I’m tripled trumped!

Such was the pastor I met with yesterday. Impressive. But I had more vision for Muslims. Of course I did. That’s my gig. The pastor shared how in the early years of the church plant they scraped just to pay salaries. There was no money for missions, Muslim-oriented or otherwise.

Covid clobbers aside, there may now be funds for the frontiers and I’m wondering what I might do to win his heart and the church’s for Muslims.

I don’t know them well, but I’m wondering what God might give them, how he might shape them. That leads me to wonder what I want my own church to know and believe about Muslims. I want them to know that. . .

. . . anger, fear and apathy are not the only sensible responses to Muslims.

. . . God is actively bringing Muslims into his growing kingdom.

. . .while few live near us, Muslims are not inaccessible. In fact, I just began a friendship with a guy in Iran!

What about you? If you could shape how people at your church think about and act toward Muslims, what would you like to see result?

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