Praying Like Muslims for Muslims

Adobe Spark (29)Do you ever feel like I do, that there’s no way little you can make a difference against the massive issues the world faces? Like maybe the only rational thing to do is eat Fritos and watch Jimmy Fallon cuddle animals with the Crocodile Hunter’s son?

I’ve got good news: Little people like you and me can make a difference because we’re kids of a big God who hears and responds when we pray.

Granted, prayer doesn’t often work the way I want. Basically because it’s tough for me to think more than 18 secs and 30 feet down the road! But here’s some solid “Piper on prayer” that never fails to give me perspective.  Piper talks of God, “beckoning us into our share in the running of the universe!” Whoa! Serious? I think so.

And if it is so, you and me praying for Muslims specifically and some of our broader issues with Muslims corporately (Perceived or real, I’m not judging here.), can make a difference.

If you’re with me so far, can I suggest you pray for yourself, for Muslims and the rest of the world the words many faithful Muslims pray many times each day, “Guide us to the straight path.” Sura 1.6 That’s what we want, right? Wisdom to follow God, for ourselves and everyone else.

My strong conviction is that Jesus spoke truthfully when he said, “I am the way.” I want you and me and Muslims everywhere to find and walk the straight path, to experience every bit of the abundant life Jesus has in mind for us.

Join me and Muslims everywhere in praying that God would help us walk that straight path.

If your church is a little edgy and you’re more than a little brave, you may want to try this.

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