Party Like a Toddler!

Muslim Connect is celebrating it’s third anniversary this week. If this happens to be your first time to read the email, “Welcome!” (I’m looking at you, West Jordan friends!) If you’ve been reading for a while, can I just say, “Thank you.” It’s a source of hope and joy to me that a couple thousand folks get Muslim Connect. May God use it as a small part of his effort to bring life, the abundant life Jesus lived and died for, to Muslims all over.

Two reader comments this past week illustrate what Muslim Connect is all about.

“At a training event I attended, the leader brilliantly answered this excuse, ‘But, I wouldn’t know how to begin a conversation with a Muslim.’ The trainer’s answer, ‘Well, you might begin with [pause] ‘Hi,’’” brought the house down! He went on to explain how many Muslims are so accustomed to white Americans treating them as invisible (or worse), that “hi” can actually be very powerful. I use the “hi” in the marketplace constantly with everybody. It’s amazing the doors it opens up.”

I love that! Start with the easiest, most accessible tools: A smile and a “hi.” Acknowledge there’s often a barrier, but call down Heaven, screw up your courage and take a run at it! 

Sometimes faithfulness to smile and say “hi” will lead to opportunities like this:

“I just started working with a group of Somali high school girls through an after school program for refugee kids. They are dear, but they never stop talking!!”

Ah, to get close enough to experience the happy frustration of endless chatter! To have your teaching plans thwarted by new friends who trust you enough to want you to know how they are, to hear what they’re experiencing, to get a detailed report of everything they’ve seen, heard and thought in the preceding week! #blessed indeed! 

If it’s not too cheesy to quote Henry V, this is my heart and joy: “We happy few,” we’re children of God, partners with him in his eternal purposes to love all peoples, including Muslims near and far.

Thank you for reading. If you find value in Muslim Connect, please join me in helping us grow from 2000 subscribers to 5000 by forwarding this email to a friend. Grazie!

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2 Responses to Party Like a Toddler!

  1. John Taylor

    Congrats and very nice article. Sometimes we make simple things like saying hello and sharing love with others so difficult..don’t we?

    • shanedar

      Thank you, JT! I appreciate you reading.

      And, yes, we sometimes make the simplest things difficult. At least I know I do.

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