Cultivate Curiosity


Do you ever just need to curl up in your own space, pull the blinds and shut out the world? Me too! I hope that doesn’t reflect poorly on our parents!

Other times I’m fascinated by the people around me. In fact, I’m writing this morning from the airport in Houston and am wondering, “Who are all these people? These different colors, sizes, backgrounds. . .lives? Where’d they come from? What are they living for?

I want to encourage that sense of wonder about the people of the world. I want us to cultivate curiosity. 

My friends Jessey and Jeff say, “Relationships are the beginning of peace.” And curiosity can be the beginning of relationship. 

Can I invite you to cultivate curiosity regarding Muslims? Imagine, or actually notice, some Muslims and ask yourself:

What do they think of when they think of home? 

Were they born here or far away?

If far away, what was it like to get here? 

What languages do they speak, do they hope to learn? 

What are their concerns for their kids, their parents? 

How do they feel when the news reports someone shouting, “Allahu Akbar,” then killing a bunch of people? 

Would they like to have four wives or is one really more than they can handle? 

What work do they do and is it harder for them to get a job than me? 

What do they think of when they think of God?

Cultivating curiosity doesn’t solve everything between Muslims and Christians, but it’s one starting point.

If you want to bounce curiosity out of your head and onto the street, grab a copy of this cultural scavenger hunt. You and some buds will have a ball working on it an ethnic part of town.

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  1. Bob Gibson

    Great motivation, challenge and suggested questions.

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