One Simple Thing You Can Do For World Peace

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What if this weekend for no cost and a tiny bit of time, you could make a difference? If you could take a small little piece off the wall separating Christians and Muslims; if you could diffuse the slightest little bit of confusion and hostility, would you do it? 

I know what you’re thinking? “Will this make me look dumb?” Well, maybe. Of course everything we do looks dumb to someone. The trick is getting the right people to roll their eyes. Do that and you know you’re on track! 

Ramadan ends this weekend and is immediately followed by a three day celebration called Eid Alfitr. It’s a big deal for Muslims and consists of family gatherings, yummy food and presents for kids. Basically a huge, “Whew, we made it through Ramadan!”

Here’s what I want a gazillion Christians to do this weekend: Wish Muslims a Happy Eid. Simply that. (tweet this)

The cool way to say this is “Eid Mubarak” (Eeed moo-Bar-ehk). You can post something on your Facebook page (Tag me if you do, so I can witness your awesomeness!). Or for the really intrepid, actually say it to a Muslim person! If you have a Muslim friend, all the better if you say this while handing them a present of chocolates or dates. 

Will you do this with me? Even if we all do, world peace will not land with a thump come Monday. But bit by bit, the kingdom of God will be emerging and people like us will be humble conduits of the love of Jesus. And just maybe a few Muslims will be blessed and encouraged.

Can I ask you to share this post? We’ve only got a couple of days to shoot for the “gazillion Christians” doing this. Thank you.   

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