Pray for Your Enemy


This much is clear: There are people in the world hell-bent on wreaking havoc. Some have earned the label terrorist and some of those direct their terror-inducing energy toward the U.S.

Jesus is equally clear: “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

This might be different for you, but I find it easier to get going on the second part of that, with the first part taking greater effort. But even praying for enemies can be a challenge. (It’s not just me, is it?)

There must be better prayers than, “God bless the terrorists and help them not be so terroristic.” And who are they anyway?

I was reminded yesterday of friend of mine who’s gone to great trouble, effort and expense to help us obey Jesus in this regard. He’s developed a website and Facebook page called Adopt a Terrorist for Prayer.

When you go there, you’ll find a gallery of people who’ve been accused of terrorism with some information on each one. You can choose one and register your commitment to pray for them. This is a great way to obey Jesus.

But what do you pray? The site also has a wonderful list of Bible verses to guide in “how” to pray, along with a list of what to pray, complete with examples. Super helpful.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of adopting a terrorist for prayer and actually praying is the transformation this will work in our hearts and lives. I suspect we’ll find that praying for those who persecute us will actually help us love our enemies.

I just adopted someone for prayer. Will you join me?

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