Ramadan Ends. World Cup Begins.

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Please see the special note at the end of this post. 


Two huge events for many Muslims take place today:

Ramadan ends and the World Cup begins. Can’t you just feel the religious fervor swirling around both of these?

For Muslims who’ve truly fasted this past month, arriving at the end of Ramadan is a big deal. They’ve reached a significant goal and look forward to celebrating the end of the fast. If you know any Muslims, this is a great time to wish them well. If you have sufficient relationship, ask them how it went and how they’ve been affected by the month of fasting. Affirm what you can and share their joy.

If celebrating the end of the fast weren’t enough to launch a great weekend, today also marks the beginning of the World Cup. Six Muslim majority nations will be playing: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Senegal, Morocco and Tunisia. Maybe, just maybe, this is a chance for some good news from the Muslim world. It certainly is a good chance for us to hang out with some Muslim friends. Bonus points if you show up to watch a match bearing halal snacks!

I think a Muslim Connect World Cup Contest is in order! Guess which Muslim nation team will advance the farthest. I’ll pick a random name from those who guess correctly and send you a $10 Amazon certificate. List your name and choice in the comments below or on Facebook by June 20th.

May God find us rejoicing with those who rejoice and mourning with those who mourn!

Special Note: The Muslim Connect email and blog is free. Always has been. Always will be. But twice a year I invite you to participate in this effort by making a contribution to offset the costs and push it forward to more people. Together we can encourage many, inform some, and by God’s grace invite Muslims to enjoy the abundant life Jesus offers. If you’re finding value in Muslim Connect and would like to see it go forward, please make a gift here. Thank you very much.

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18 Responses to Ramadan Ends. World Cup Begins.

  1. Tasha

    Tasha Eckenhoff thinks Morocco will make it the farthest!

  2. Sheri

    Sheri D. – Tunisia wins the Cup!

  3. Daniel picks Senegal to go the furthest.

  4. Dan Barbour

    My wife says I’m cheering for Nigeria but for $10 I’ll say Senegal!!!

  5. Erin Goss

    I pick Egypt!!

  6. ohemelia

    Mo Salah! Masr! Got to be Egypt ?? ❤️

  7. David H. thinks Egypt will go furthest.

  8. Brittany Mayfield

    Egypt will go the furthest!

  9. Wade Isley

    Egypt will go the farthest because of Salah

  10. Sharon

    Sharon A. thinks Egypt!

  11. Joe Bennett

    I think Senegal has a good shot, but I don’t like piling on. So I’m going to go Egypt.

  12. Senegal or Morocco will advance to the final.

  13. Dian Harner

    I’m rooting for Senegal because my daughter finished high school in Dakar and I have connections with people there.

  14. Ryan Hale

    Senegal for sure!

  15. Rachele

    Let’s go, Tunisia!

  16. Jim & Marilyn

    We’re picking IRAN!

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