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Hospitality is a good thing, right? God pushes it pretty hard in the Old Testament, Jesus modeled receiving and giving it, and both Paul and Peter are big fans.

But what if you’re a dude? Hospitality is pretty much a feminine art, isn’t it? It has that vibe: well put together, winsome and smelling nice. While it’s good to honor the unique and wonderful ways women practice hospitality, guys probably can’t just abdicate.

If you’re like me (or the hubs is) and you don’t know where the fork(s) go, what wine pairs with jalapeño cheddar brats, and you’re last soiree simply sucked, here’s hope:

Bosspitality: When guys crack the door to their lives open to other guys. It’s hospitality that smells like hot oil and meat rather than cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s not better, but it’s a little different.

Imagine God is nudging you to extend a welcome to a Muslim co-worker, an international student or maybe just a new guy on the block, here’re some possibilities:

  • Top Golf. This is better than real golf for people like me because you’re not chasing your ball into the woods or across a highway. I can play nine holes real golf and only be in talking range of my foursome for four minutes!
  • Disc Golf. Super cheap, but the downside is that many cultures don’t have frisbees. If you really need to win, pick this!
  • Tomahawk throwing. This is a thing! I can imagine some Muslim friends thinking, “The American movies I grew up with are true!”
  • Fishing. Lots of good talk time.
  • Driving lessons. Sometimes this is a legit need for new comers. Heads up though, it might spike your blood pressure because you can’t yell at a refugee like you did your kids! (Was that really just me?!?)
  • Sporting Events, live or televised. Snacks aplenty and built in conversation starters!

Can you help me lengthen this list? I’d love to hear your ideas and experience. Comment below.


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4 responses to “Bosspitality

  1. Glenn Rodriguez

    Jog. Good for talking, sharing life, and yes, almost forgot, exercise.

  2. Tasha

    Every month a guy at our church hosts “Menergy” Movie Nights for any guys in our church to spend time together at his house. He feeds them all dinner, and it’s a fun time for them to fellowship over food and enjoy a wholesome movie together.

  3. Ann Ellis

    My husband has a lot of cut wood to burn and he loves inviting people over to our backyard fire pit where they grill hot dogs/sausages (you can get turkey and chicken varieties) and sometimes make S’mores! Great conversation and outdoors time!

  4. We offer to take our international friends Kayaking. We own a 2 person one and we split the rental of a second 2 person one 4 ways. My husband and I sit in the back where we have more control (since we know what we are doing) but each person could have their own as well.

    We also host game nights. My husband does guys game and root beer nights. Sometimes they play board games. Sometimes they play old school x box.

    Getting a backyard game of Ultimate Frisbee is always good.

    Grilling Halal and vegetarian burgers (depending on religion) with root beer floats and smores.

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