The 3 Minute Absolute Basics Christians Need to Know About Muslims

My Post (54)If you live in the U.S., you may still be shaking off a Thanksgiving turkey bender. Can I invite you to jump start your brain and help me think about something?

I’m working with a super talented sketch note artist, Mike Rohde, to design an introductory graphic to depict the very basics all Christians should know about Muslims. Recognizing my perspective on this might be both limited and skewed (Really, what are the odds?!?), your input would be very helpful.

To get us going, here are the top seven things I think all Christians should know. What would you add to the list?

  1. The world’s 1.6 billion Muslims are wildly diverse in ethnicity, beliefs and actual practice of those beliefs. Most are not Arab and do not speak Arabic.
  2. Muslims are loved by God. We might think about Muslims in our day the way Jesus did about Samaritans in his. Jesus wants Muslims to have the abundant life he said he came to bring.
  3. In general most Muslims are very similar to Christians in terms of family, values and thoughts about God. We have much of our religious history in common.
  4. Much of the negative stuff you hear or read about Muslims is designed to play you, to get your vote or your money. Not all, but much.
  5. Islamic terrorism kills more Muslims that any others.
  6. Most Muslims believe Islam can and will take over the Earth.
  7. Muslims are down for a chat. Again, not all and not all the time, but maybe more than we might expect.

So what would you add, change or subtract from this list? If you’re willing to share your wisdom, please go to this Google Doc and expound or comment below. If you’d like a copy of the graphic when it’s ready, let me know here. Thank you.

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  1. DeMars

    Hi Shane, Just thought you forgot an obvious one that I tell people, that you even tell us in your letters…”More Muslims are coming to Christ now than ever before.” I throw around the numbers that are in the Wind of Islam book. People are stunned. It’s encouraging to remember that some are interested. Even if they don’t act that way!

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