God at the Hajj

If you were going to slip away for a few days before school starts, where would you go? The beach? The mountains (I have guest rooms!). Maybe an amusement park? How about joining two million others for the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca called the Hajj? The weather forecast is clear if a little toasty.

This year nearly 8000 teams of helpers will oversee every aspect of the gathering which runs from August 9 to 14. I imagine the Hajj is an economic boon to Saudi Arabia, but the cost of cleaning up after the party might make it a wash.

One of the five pillars of Islam, the Hajj is a requirement for all Muslims who are physically and financially able. It involves a series of rituals and prayers, and for many Muslims is a highlight of their lives.

You know who else will be in Mecca next week, right? God. And this year I’m wondering what God might want to do for Muslims during the Hajj.

Give that a moment’s thought. What does God want for Muslims as they experience this event? Here are some guesses. I say guesses because I don’t want to be cavalier about knowing the mind of God and because God probably wouldn’t aliterate! (Tweet this.)

Safety: Crowd panic and other miscues have caused significant loss of life before. Let’s pray for protection for the pilgrims.

Surrender self-righteousness: One of the great traps of the Hajj is the mixed-up sense of having earned merit with God.

Serious conversations: As people gather from all over the world, I can see God encouraging conversations about justice, who He is and what He wants.

All of these fall under the broader category of “abundant life:” The freedom, hope, joy and peace that Jesus said he came to bring. Join me in praying for that abundant life for Muslim pilgrims in these coming days.

Share your thoughts about what God might want for Muslims on the Hajj in the comments below. 

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9 Responses to God at the Hajj

  1. I think God would want each Muslim who attends the Hajj to become fully aware of his or her sinfullness.

    • shanedar

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, David. I appreciate it. I wonder what percentage of practicing Muslims would say they are aware of their sinfulness.

  2. S for suffering for those who can’t get the devil off their backs by throwing stones near the Ka’aba.

    S for salvation for those who encounter MBBs who are attending the Hajj just for the hell of it, er, um, to get the hell out.

    S for solitude for those who seek freedom in Allah but never find it, only becoming more fearful that heaven is more beyond reach.

    S for sin, vengeance and shame that never gets lifted off through the much trumpeted Hajj.

  3. Joe

    See the futility, emptiness, and sinfulness of idolatry. That they would experience a massive vacuum and void in their life and fall down begging to know the 100th name of God King Jesus to save them from themselves. May we go boldly to the throne of grace and ask God to do whatever it takes to save those who would believe.

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  5. Tom

    God wants them to seek for Him with all their hearts rather than fulfilling one of the 5 pillars in hopes of making it into paradise. God promises if we seek Him with all our hearts we will find Him. (Jer. 29:12-13)

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