What Would It Take For You to Trade It All Away?

Please see the special note at the end of today’s email

Much of what I ask you to do in Muslim Connect can be done from your couch: Think differently, pray, advocate for biblical behavior toward Muslims. Other things require getting up, facing a little discomfort, maybe expending some social capital.

Because I want everyone to get on board, the challenge usually comes in the form of short hops and doable steps. But not today. This challenge is a one-way ticket.

Today I want to team up with my mentor, Greg Livingstone, and invite you to trade your whole life where you are to go live as an ambassador of Jesus among Muslims in a place where there are few or maybe even none yet.

Greg says, “God is asking me to spend the rest of my days finding team leaders for places like Pakistan and Eritrea, cities like Aleppo, Grozny and Bagdad.”

Let your imagination run for a moment: You gather a cadre of intrepid friends and relocate for a decade to Faroffistan. What pain and joy would attend this life? What sacrifice and work would it take? What would success look like? What would have to be acquired and what would be left behind?

“Could my family do it?”

“Would I ever find a husband, a wife?”

“If I raise my hand and say, ‘I’ll lead,’ would anyone follow me?”

“Would it be worth the cost?”

Jesus responds, “Peace to you. Just as the Father sent me, I send you.”

This role is not for everyone. So I’m wondering, is this me? Is it you? Is it someone you know? Can Greg and I help?


Special Request

Once a year I invite the Muslim Connect tribe to help this effort go forward by giving a financial gift. Muslim Connect has always been free and always will be. But this is your chance to say both “Thanks” and “Go get ‘em!” If you’ve found value in Muslim Connect, I’d be grateful if you’d give. When you do, you’ll get a copy of the brand new, “Ten Things Christians Should Know About Muslims” pdf. I’m crazy excited about the content and layout of this new piece. It’s designed to shake things up a bit and would look great in your church bulletin. 

Click here to help Muslim Connect go forward and get the new “Ten Things” pdf. Thank you.

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