The Coronavirus vs. The Dome of Protection

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I live in a pretty remote part of the US. It’s only 45 minutes to Walmart, so I’m ok, but there aren’t many people around here. This low density works in our favor when it comes to the coronavirus. You can’t catch it if the sick people are far away! And people around here grouse about traveling to Denver, let alone China!

While grateful for the low risk, I’m concerned for those without my advantages, particularly Uyghurs in western China. I recently asked you to pray for the million or so Uyghurs imprisoned in concentration camps.

Survivor reports detail gruesome conditions. As I write only a couple dozen cases have been reported in Xinjiang, the home state of Uyghurs, but we can imagine how quickly an outbreak might spread through a crowded, unsanitary camp. The death toll could be horrendous.

Will you join me in prayer again for Uyghurs? Here’s the picture in my mind: Remember in Exodus when Moses would call down a plague on Egypt, frogs, for instance, none hopped into Goshen where the Jews lived. It was like God locked down an anti-frog, fly, hail, angel of death dome over them. I want that for Uyghurs, particularly those who are unjustly incarcerated. And, while we’re at it, for their kids currently living with relatives or shipped off to orphanages. (Tweet this.)

(To be clear, this parallel is one-sided. The coronavirus is not a plague from God on China. I just want the protection dome!)

Two small things to add to your prayer:
Watch this video on the unfolding situation for Uyghurs relative to the coronavirus. I believe it’s made by Uyghurs, so the passion runs high.

Please share this with friends who might pray with us. May God rally thousands to seek his protection for these dear people at great risk who don’t know how much they’re loved. Thank you.

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