Where Do You Go When Your House Closes Down?

By now you’re inundated with Corona Virus/Covid 19 news. Can I add a super short reminder and float out one idea?

As God gives you grace, let’s resist fear and panic. We are people of Jesus. We don’t want to die any more than anyone else, but our deal with God says death is a transition to something better. I appreciate the relevance to our current situation of C.S. Lewis’s very British, very stoic thoughts on the fear of atomic weapons.

Further, we don’t just resist fear and panic, we engage with bold love and risky compassion. Download my friend Marc Van Der Woude’s mini e-book on how the Church has responded to similar situations in the past.

Specifically, I’d like to ask you to pray and think about this: Universities are closing around the U.S. (Perhaps in your country, too.) In many cases, residence halls are closing as well. While I assume great effort will be extended to provide housing for those who can’t simply “go home,” I wonder if this may be an opportunity for us to step up.

Prayerfully consider reaching out to your nearest university to ask if volunteer housing in the community might be needed for international students. I just asked my local school. It took me about five clicks to find the (presumably) right people to email. (Tweet this.)

Grace, peace, purpose and health to you.

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