Invite a Muslim Family to Easter Dinner

Adobe Spark (14)Looking forward to Easter? If you love Jesus (or chocolate) there’s hardly a bigger day. I’d like to throw a wrench in your plans, though. If you don’t want that, now’s a good time to retreat to a tray of Peeps. There’ll be no shame. (Well, unless you eat the whole package!)

If you’re still here, I’d like to tentatively suggest you chew over the possibility of maybe considering perhaps contemplating asking a Muslim family to share Easter Dinner with you. Are you game? (Tweet this)


This is our best holiday. Easter marks a central reality of our faith. It provides a wonderful opportunity to offer hospitality and talk about Jesus. Finally, it’s just a couple weeks away and you can do this.


I don’t know any Muslims. Go to International Students Incorporated, click your state and email the nearest worker. (Alternatively, ask God for a Muslim friend by Memorial Day! Or email me for help.)

I don’t know what to cook. Trade lamb for ham and don’t serve wine. To be super careful, check for the nearest halal grocery. If your food’s from a place like that, it’s cool for most Muslims to eat.

I don’t know what to do? Eat and talk. (Persevere through the awkwardness.) Read the resurrection story together. Hunt for eggs! Everyone loves hunting eggs!

I think they won’t come. Some won’t, but my friend Umar says, “I would graciously accept the invitation and encourage my kids to participate in the egg hunt and other traditions. I would use this opportunity to teach them about the importance of building bridges and making friends with our neighbors. . .”

This could deepen and enrich your Easter celebration. Let me know what you think.

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2 Responses to Invite a Muslim Family to Easter Dinner

  1. Shane, responding to your challenge I invited three co-workers and their families (Algerian, Indonesian and Malaysian) to our Easter service followed by Easter dinner at our house. The Indonesian and Malaysian accepted the invitation to have dinner with us but not church. I’m wondering if there something to this other than being shy, like frowned upon in the Quran. (BTW I’ve have attended an Iftar last year at their Mosque.)

    • First off, David, Way to go! I’d love to hear how dinner went.

      I suppose there could be a dozen reasons your co-workers declined the church invitation. Maybe they’ve been advised against going to a church. Maybe not knowing what happens at church made them reluctant. It’s hard to say. Can you ask them?

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