We Agree That Jesus Lives

Adobe Spark (18)

Most of us are pretty much normal, right? I figure I am and assume you are. Yesterday I met a guy who definitely wasn’t normal. Not abnormal like he can whistle out his ear or throw a baseball with his foot. Rather he’s a middle-aged Israeli-American, born in the homeland, raised in New York City, of a Jewish mom and an Catholic Arab dad. His name is Isa and he works at an MCL Cafeteria in suburban Ohio! His life could be five legit short stories and a made-for-tv movie! On top of all this he is warm and friendly. You know, in an Jewish-Israeli-Arab-Catholic-Bronx Midwest way!

As you might guess, Isa’s religious outlook rings with, “Why can’t we all just get along?” (I imagine Eastorkippor being celebrated in his house!)

Issues ancient and complex often keep Muslims and Christians from “just getting along.” But this week can I remind you of something about which we agree: Jesus is alive. [click to tweet]

In the midst of all the things that separate us: theology, culture, language, fear, issues both real and fabricated, we find common ground in the conviction that Jesus lives. I love that. Over half the planet thinks Jesus is alive. Muslims and Christians are not completely at odds with one another.

Since the Quran teaches that Jesus didn’t die, our Muslim friends likely won’t join us this Easter in declaring, “Jesus is risen. He is risen indeed!” Even so we do have a common place from which to begin conversations about Jesus. And I figure the more normal it is for us to talk about Jesus, the more he gets talked about. And hopefully, the more he gets talked about, the more he gets loved and followed.

Quick idea: Would this work in your bulletin or church newsletter this Easter? Please pass it along to the appropriate person!

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