Would it be good for someone like you to pray for a Muslim?

Adobe Spark (20)As I levered out a killer piece of concrete from the yard, I felt rising gratitude for simple machines. You know:  wheels, pulleys, levers, inclined planes, wedges and screws. And more gratefulness when a lever and wheel combo, in the form of a dolly, let me move heavy boxes of cabinets parts from the garage to the house where my rock star wife assembled them! Simple, elegant, essential. (Both the machines and the wife!)

Kind of like prayer. Uncomplicated, powerful, effective.

Have you ever prayed for a Muslim? Put your hand on her shoulder and asked an all powerful God to help her with her problems, ease her pain, comfort her fear? I have, but much less than I may’ve. One of the best ways to love Muslims like Jesus does is to pray for them. [tweet this

Personal experience, and confirmation from others, says most Muslims are happy to have a Christian pray for them. Many believe that Jesus healed the sick, drove out demons and raised the dead. And who among us, Muslim or Christian, couldn’t use some of that occasionally?!

If in-person, out-loud prayer pushes you too much right now, no worries. Start praying with this in the privacy of your home and build capacity.

When you do pray for a Muslim, aim to bless them. When it’s appropriate (And it is more often than we think!), simply ask, “Can I pray for you now?” Pray Jesus-centered prayers, listen for the Holy Spirit’s leading, and realize we share a common humility before an all-powerful God. [tweet this

As we celebrate Easter, remember, “The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you.” Let that reality encourage our hearts and empower our prayers.

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