Who Will Get the Muslim Vote?

So, it’s pretty much a given the U.S. will choose a president in a few months. Although the Facebook post claiming, “In 20 years there will be enough Muslim voters in the U.S. to elect the president” is patently false, Muslims may make a difference this fall.

I’ve been wondering lately how Muslims tend to vote, for whom and why.

Why does this matter? I suspect most Muslim Connect readers tend to vote conservatively. Since data indicates that most voting Muslims tend blue, there’s a big difference here. If we’re going to connect, we might as well get stuff like this on the table and talk about it.

In a funny and poignant New York Times opinion piece, Wajahat Ali quotes Hussein Rashid, a professor of religion at Barnard College, who concedes that he’s a tad bitter about his political options, “As a Muslim, I’d vote for Jesus, but the Republicans won’t let him in, and the Democrats don’t believe in him.”

My reading today indicates that Muslims are skeptical of Democratic advances and don’t feel sought out or heard, but, according to Haroon Moghul, the other alternative is to “vote themselves off the island!”

It seems there are a few Muslim Republicans, but a strong majority of Muslims will vote Democratic this Fall. And apparently Bernie Sanders is the leading candidate of choice for Muslims right now. Check out #Muslims4Bernie and #InshallahBernie. I don’t pretend to fully understand why he’s the favorite, but he’s seen as the one who’s done more to hear, validate, support and defend Muslims.

I’m curious how Muslims integrate fairly conservative views on marriage and homosexuality with Bernie’s liberal views and agenda.

According to the Economist, “In 2001, a survey of American Muslims found that 42% reported voting for Mr. Bush against 31% for his Democratic rival Al Gore.” So much has changed since then.

Got thoughts on this? Please share them below.

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6 Responses to Who Will Get the Muslim Vote?

  1. Sherry Wasserstein

    I don’t know, either!!! But I’m gonna ask my friends!!!

  2. We as followers of Jesus face the same dilemma as our Muslim friends. There are issues that are contrary to a Christian worldview contained with both platforms. Abortion flies in the face of what God desires for humankind and the issue to polarize (not show the love of Christ for all peoples) minorities people groups from Islamic or other faiths and backgrounds is not consistent with a proper Christian worldview.
    For me it comes down to “weighing” the non-negotiables against the truth of the Word of God (the Bible) and voting for the candidate who will act in way that honors Christ overall. One thing has been consistent throughout the history of our country’s presidents; they were all imperfect and faced moral decisions that shaped who we are as a nation.
    My advise is pray for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit that God will be honored and glorified. The perfect government IS coming (when all people groups have had exposure and opportunity to choose or reject Christ) so we can rejoice in that. “Come Lord Jesus come.”

  3. Colleen K Snyder

    I’m with the Muslims on this one. I’m conservative; I don’t like Bernie’s stand on many things (liberal left ideologies.) BUT… I’ve had more than my fill of our “conservative government” that is running roughshod and unchecked, doing and saying what it pleases, promising the stars to a vocal few… while alienating the rest of the planet. Last election was about “choosing the lesser of two evils.” Well, we only THOUGHT that’s what we were doing. Now, BOTH evils are staring us in the face, flaunting their agendas. Can we declare a mulligan and start over? Or better yet: Even so, Lord Jesus, Come!!

  4. Jim Young

    Loved the Hussein Rashid quote, shared it on FB
    Perhaps their vote is closer to culturally defined than strict religious adherence, like most American Christians, in my view. This is coming from someone who is more American in his Christian walk than conservative.

  5. Dan Harter

    Hi Shane! Wow, this article really impressed me. Thank you for all the homework you did and how well you boiled it down and for the links included. It is appreciated.

  6. Suzanne Wilson

    This really makes you think about our priorities and our politics.

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